Monday, November 1, 2010

My Bitty Bow Tutorial

Many people have asked how i make my bitty bows so i thought i would share my tutorial. I can make them even smaller but i think this is a pretty good size it measures about 1.75". (You can use larger ribbon and a longer cut to get a bigger bow.) There is no perfect science here just do what you like :)

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1. Cut ribbon, fold in half & make figure 8

2. Bring in the center of one side of the 8

3. Bring in other side of the 8

4. Turn bow over so it looks like this

5. Insert it into your alligator clip

6. Wrap your embordery floss around twice

7. Pull super tight and knot 2 or 3 times

8. Turn it back over and waalaaa

You can finish your bow off with a knotted center or how ever you like to finish your bows. I would love to know if this tut helps anyone and what you think about it so please comment away.
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